Foodie Feedback

“I have tried every diet under the sun and have never had as much success (weight loss and increased energy) as I have with Marybeth.  Her approach is simple yet radical: ‘just eat good, real food’.    She helps make that easy, fun and delicious.”   Jessica, 39


“Marybeth makes eating for beauty fun and easy. She helped me change my mind about food, and made me feel good about taking care of myself by eating well.  My young son was taking so much energy, and self care fell by the wayside.  Marybeth reminded me that nourishing myself is the first step in caring for others.   Under her guidance, I curbed my chronic inflammation, lost weight, and increased my energy.  My whole family benefited from what Marybeth taught us about food and health.”  Anna, age 40


“When I told my mom I wanted to boost my energy and feel better about my body, she called not a gym or Lean Cuisine, but Marybeth Legler.  On our first of six weekly sessions, she sat down with me,  and the first question she asked was what I like to eat.  She took that down in addition to a map of what I eat in a usual weekday and on a usual weekend.  Starting from there we talked about my goals for the six weeks, what I wanted to work on and gain from our sessions.  Then she made a plan just for me. In the weeks that followed we focused on breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert.  Using my favorite foods and goals as a guide, Marybeth  provided delicious recipes to make my favorite comfort foods healthy and energizing.   She offered notes on variations and made sure to explain the benefits of each super or “helper” food so that I had an idea of how each ingredient worked toward my health goals.  This kept me motivated, seeing food as medicine or energy.  She made healthy cooking very simple and still so delicious.  She changed the way I think of food-seeing it  as not only something to savor but as a tool for health, beauty and strength.  I would recommend Marybeth’s wholesome service to anyone hoping to foster an encouraging, sustaining, feel-good style of eating.”  Nan, age 18


“Marybeth helped me plan and prepare delicious and healthy meals for my family.  She came to my home, helped me stock my pantry with wholesome essentials, and made large batches of different foods to eat during the week.  My family loved it and didn’t even know about all the nutrients and veggies Marybeth taught me to “Trojan horse” into our meals.  And I lost about 30 pounds because I changed my eating habits for good.”  Sabrina, 54