How it works

   What if I told you health, weight loss and beauty can be found by simply eating?   That we can train our metabolism, balance our blood sugar, and curb cravings?   It is true that we are what we eat, so lets get the most delicious and nourishing foods out there into your body!   Beginning right where you are, we will create a plan especially for you.  I will teach you what and how to eat so you feel vivacious and radiant.  And guess what?  Weight loss and beauty will be a side effect of eating delicious foods! I promise you if you work hard and commit to your health and the plan I design for you, we will achieve your healthy and beauty goals.


Super Simple:  We start with you and your kitchen, taking stock of your goals and your favorite foods.  .  You may be ready to leap right and make drastic changes for quick results (The Fiery Foodie).  Or you may want to slowly implement change and begin with small steps (The Slow Burner).  Wherever you are on this spectrum, we will create a plan just for you and get you eating healthier versions of foods you love.  I will provide you with detailed lists of healthy eating essentials and kitchen equipment to make cooking and eating well easy breezy.  I will teach you how to prepare simple, whole foods in a way that will satisfy your cravings and fill you with energy  We will cut out the junky processed gunk, and yes, the sugars that are weighing you down and replace them with delicious, nutrient dense whole foods that generate vitality and beauty.


2.jpgSuper Quick: I am on a quest to debunk the myth that healthy eating is time consuming or complicated.  It’s not!  I will teach you how to stock your pantry and kitchen with the essentials to make healthy eating a breeze.  I will help you plan and prepare meals  you can grab and go.  I will provide you with simple recipes and tricks so you can enjoy delicious, fat burning foods without slaving away in the kitchen (who has time for that?).


Super Healthy: Fit Foodies don’t focus on calories , portion control or deprivation.   We focus on yummy, nutrient dense whole foods that nourish the skin, hair and body.  We focus on foods that give you energy and beauty so you can enjoy life and be the best version of yourself.


Super Yummy: Don’t think I am going to put you on a carrot stick and celery diet (unless you use them to dip into creamy hummus, pesto, guacamole and other delicious goodness).  That style of weight loss does not work and it is completely unnecassary.   You will eat plenty of delicious, beautiful and savory foods when you join the Fit Foodie tribe, its just that you will avoid the ones that sabotage your body and mind.


Super Accountable:  When you sign on to be a Fit Foodie, I am here to guide you back to the path of self nourishment and self care.     Eating health giving foods promotes weight loss and beauty,  energy and a positive mental attitude.  These are traits that have a powerful ripple effect on our world.   You deserve to feel radiant and beautiful and the world needs you to be the best version of yourself!  When you work with me, I will hold your hand through your transformation and hold you accountable to follow through with your commitment to your health.


Lets do this!  Contact me for your free consultation.